Inner Critic vs. Coach

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Self-Talk. Something we all do even when we aren’t aware it’s even happening. What is self-talk? It’s those thoughts, positive or negative, that help us get through our day.

Inner Critic. Negative self-talk that gets us nowhere. It puts defeating and damaging thoughts in our heads that negatively affect how we view others and ourselves. When do your inner critic get you? At work, working out, or when you’re relaxing? What are some things your inner critic might say to you? Writing goals and acknowledging what positive thoughts I say to myself on a daily basis helps with knowing I am capable of accomplishing things I once thought defeated me, my inner critic. Writing down the answers to the questions above is a start in molding how you handle your inner critic. Knowing when that negative self-talk speaks to you the most is key to opening your mind up to your inner coach oppose to your inner critic.

Inner Coach. Positive self-talk gives us the courage and strength we need to get through stressful situations. We all have an inner coach that we hopefully hear at least once a day. I know I hear mine daily and especially during times where my inner critic wants to do most of the talking. When were some difficult times you may have used your inner coach? What strategies did you use when you were in that stressful situation? I want you to write down at least 3 positive thoughts you can say daily during stressful times. Reflect on what you came up with and see how easy or hard it was to come up with positive self-talk?

Practices. I didn’t become fluent in positive self-talk over night. It has taken me a long time to not only start putting positive self-talk into my daily routine but also believing the words I am speaking. I started using sticky notes as daily reminders. Sticky notes on my mirror, on my desk at work, in my closet at work, random places in my planner! Anywhere you know you frequent write sayings, scriptures, or action words you know won’t take but 3 seconds to say! The art of repetition. When I first started using the sticky note method I would read it and it wouldn’t resonate. It rarely would soak in and I would be simply just say the words instead of acting on them. If you write “I am okay as I am and I accept and love myself” then believe it. That might sound like a lot, because it is a lot. But, if you want others to value you as a human being then you have to accept and love yourself the way you are.

Was it harder for you to come up with phrases you coach yourself with or was it easier for the negative verbiage you use daily? If it was harder to think of the positives—don’t give up! For every negative there is a positive…trust me! Take the time to self-reflect and practice/incorporate your inner coach into your daily routines!

Please utilize “Happily Healthy Moments” on my page! These are a few habits you can get started today that also tie in with positive self-talk and overall self-care.

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